My name is Vanessa. I live in Scotland but I was born in Englad. I am Seventeen years old. This blog contains anything that I may relate to or just things that I like. *May Trigger* I am here for anyone who needs to rant away or if you are stuck and don't know what to do, I will try and help but I can't help if you don't message me. You can Kik me: vanessagarner or snapchat me: garnerpickles. I do not judge anyone for who they are or for what they are into. *I do not promote self harm or suicide*


*goes to bed at 2am instead of 5am* wow, my life is so in order right now.  i’m making such good decisions for myself and my body and my soul and im so in love with myself for doing this

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first day of school: *forgets how to use a pencil*

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I want to see something, Reblog if you’re older than 13 and younger than 25.

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mary had a little lamb

whos fleece was white as snow

it went out to a club one night

and dropped it hella low

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people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

'eat something'

'buckle up'

'get some sleep'

'here have my fries'

'Im gonna draw you something'

"You’re a dork"

"I fucking hate you"

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Reblog if you have boobs






one girl scrolled past this and woke up without boobs

Forever reblog cuz I don’t wanna wake up without boobs.

The fucking notes

Just read the notes

I’m not gonna risk anything

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